In this world full of countless people, there is not a single person like you. All of our bodies are composed of different cells and different traits. No one has your thumbprint; no one has your heart. You are the only one with your physical traits, even a twin is not exactly like the other. No one has your spirit; no one has your same body. Only you know your body.

When you have to take medicines to maintain your body, sometimes commercially manufactured medications may not work for you. Drug manufacturers, in order to be lucrative, mass produce medications in the most trendy doses and dosage forms. However, these trendy dosage forms, strength, and flavor may not be what work best for you. Let Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding help you and your body by customizing a medicine specifically for you. We call this compounding.

What is compounding?

Compounding is preparation of a custom-made medicine to meet or resolve the problem of a particular patient need. At Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding, our team is specially trained in the skill of compounding. Our laboratory contains equipment that is accurate and meticulous, which allow us to compound each medication to exact specifications for your needs. Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding utilizes the most fine ingredients, which are supplied from an FDA-inspected and approved provider. We will work with you, your doctor or practitioner, and our staff as a team to find the right and best solution for your medication problems.

Why may you need compounding?

Certain medications can trigger undesirable reactions or side effects. Adverse reactions play a major role in needing a compounded medicine. Adverse reactions could be caused by dyes, lactose, glucose, and preservatives.

In addition to side effects and reactions to ingredients that may be harmful to your body, perhaps you have trouble and difficulty swallowing oral medication. Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding can help with that.

Perhaps there is a medication that works well with your body, but it is unavailable. Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding can come up with a solution.

Why choose Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding?

When your body has a reaction, it’s trying to tell you that it’s not natural. Something isn’t working right with it. At Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding, we have a team to listen to you and your needs specifically. We will work with you to find the best resolution for your problem. We aren’t here to make big mass productions of medication that will work for everyone. We love what we do, because we are working with an individual that is different. A unique person, such as yourself, who wants to do what’s best for their body.

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