A commitment to regular skin regimen is important for healthy skin. Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding can help you with skincare solutions that you need for your skin type. We offer moisturizers, facial masques, exfoliates, anti-aging creams, cleansers, and more. We can customize products to your skin type, as everyone’s skin type is unique.

If you need help determining your skin type, we have provided a guide for you to know your skin type.

Normal SkinNot dry or oily, few blemishes, small pores, smooth
Dry SkinNot smooth, flaky patches, dryness, easily irritated, small pores and few blemishes
OilyAppears greasy and shiny, large pores, prone to blemishes
BlemishLarge pores, persistent blemishes and/or acne
AgingWrinkles, lines, crow’s feet, age spots

At Key Pharmacy and Compounding, we understand many skin conditions and can help with the resolution. Whether it is for medicinal purposes such as having eczema or psoriasis, or just trying to have healthy skin, our staff will be more than helpful in determining what will work best for you.

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