Common Dosage Forms

Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding’s staff and trained professionals specialize in compounding medicines to dosage forms that are tailored especially for you! We have a variety of dosage forms and this is where our skill comes into play as well. Not only do we give you the correct dosage of what you need without the undesirable effects, but you can choose how you take it.

  • Capsules – While capsules are popular dosage forms, Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding can customize your own capsules. We can do different sizes, colors, have them contain different and multiple ingredients to simplify your dosing schedules, we can even do suppositories.
  • Topical formulas – Maybe you have difficulty in swallowing medicines, whether that is liquid medicines, capsules, or pills. We can actually compound a formula that is a topical application, which will allow the medication to absorb through the skin. This can be ideal for patients who may have trouble with nausea or chronic illness. We also see people use this for their pets and children as well. There are many different types of topical formulas.
    • Gels
    • Creams
    • Lip Balms
    • Sprays
    • Ointments
  • Lozenges, Freezer Pops, and Lollipops – This can be another great compound for patients that have difficulty with swallowing, as well as children. We can also dispense these types of compounds in child resistant containers.
  • Suppositories/Vaginal Suppositories – This general choice of dosage form can be used to treat hemorrhoids and other conditions. This form is also available in the “rectal rocket”, a favored designed dosage, that rivals traditional suppositories. It treats internal and external hemorrhoids at the same time. Rectal rockets are only made at compounding pharmacies.

Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding also compounds in most everyday popular dosage forms that you normally get from any regular pharmacy.