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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"This is the pharmacy to go to. Key the pharmacist is very knowledgable, quick and friendly. All his customers are not recognized or treated like just another #. He treats everyone as a human and will get you the best prices for your medications and has never let us down. His pharmacy has top quality supplies for every need including a vast array of health products and if you have any questions about an ailment or health concern, he has the solutions for you. Key offers the care and knowledge like the old days when pharmacists cared unlike the bigger chain of pharmacies."

"My mom has a lot of prescriptions bcuz she is very ill and she doesn't need extra stress dealing with a pharmacy not having her meds and key has been so caring to her and even delivers to our house for free! I think everyone deserves this great service!"

"The best pharmacy ever! Efficient, caring and they give you good information on any medication or vitamin supplements to help you with health and fitness. They are definitely worth the switch from your typical Wal-Mart or Walgreens."

"Great service. Key is very knowledgeable and is willing to answer any question about medication, prescription or over the counter."

"I have come to this pharmacy a handful of times and each time I leave grateful. I love how friendly and knowledgeable they are here. They are very quick with filling my prescriptions. Better than any pharmacy I have used!"

"This pharmacy goes above and beyond. I was out of a prescription that takes 24 hours to set and I was supposed to call and give a week’s heads up before a refill was needed. Well, I had to wait for doctor to check labs before paying for the same strength and when I called I was out. I told them I understood it would be about a week and didn’t expect to be put in front of other orders, but wouldn’t you know it, they called the next day and it was ready because they were concerned I was off the scrip. That’s amazing! Love it!"

"They go above and beyond a pharmacy. In fact they call it a "pharmily" .... I couldn't agree more! From bringing my RX to the car, to finding me a coupon that saved a lot of money to helping my daughter today! I will never have another pharmacy. Thank you, thank you!"

"Excellent, service and a quality product. We used to drive to Scottsdale for our dogs medicine. Key is highly recommended. Our dog has benefitted greatly from the quality of his medication. He cares enough to flavor his meds so it's much easier for us to administer. Thank you for your service."

You can help Key Health Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Facebook - thank you!