Dogs come running for beef or liver. Cats purr for fish or tuna. Birds will sing for tutti fruitti. Horses love apples.

We all know that sometimes giving any type of oral medicine can be a tricky thing for pets. Why not make medication a treat for your pet? Imagine being able to flavor and form a medicine that smells like something your darling would want to eat. We have a lot of different flavors you can choose from, as well as different forms. This would definitely lighten the stress for your favorite animal and YOU!

Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding specializes in veterinary compounding. In addition to the difficulty of getting your pet to take his medication, perhaps you need a remedy that isn’t available in the strength, flavor, or dosage your pet needs. Just like for humans, we have excellent laboratory equipment and trained staff that will allow us to compound a medicine for your pet, to fit his need.

We can work as a team, with your veterinarian, to come up with the best solution for your pet.