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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Let us be the KEY to directing your steps to Hormone Replacement Therapy

Step One:

Educating yourself is the key. With all the information on the internet, as well as our website, you may have a faint idea or inkling about whether or not you may show symptoms for needing hormone replacement therapy. However, Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding is here for you. We hold seminars in our pharmacy from time to time to educate you more on this topic. We will also schedule consultations to help you figure out if this is the right and best choice for you and your body. You may contact us at anytime through our website, by phone, or simply by stopping by the pharmacy.

Our phone number: (623) 271-8577

Pharmacy location: 560 N. Estrella Pkwy Ste. B9 Goodyear, AZ 85338

Step Two:

Get tested! Before you start the HRT, we may need to test your hormone levels, adrenal glands, or thyroid. We would give you the exact required test during one of your consultations. This testing is very convenient in the fact that it can be...


Hormone Testing

These are the different kinds of testing that Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding offer, as well as more details about these diverse tests:

  • Saliva Testing
    • Can be collected in your home
    • Accurate way to test steroid hormones
      • Cortisol
      • DHEA
      • Estradiol
      • Progesterone
      • Testosterone
    • Inexpensive
    • Can be stored in room temperature for up to a week, without affecting accuracy of result
  • Blood Spot Testing
    • Capillary Blood Spot Testing
      • Alternative to venous blood draw in doctor’s office
    • Combination Saliva and Capillary Blood Spot
      • Saliva and Capillary Blood Spot Testing all in one
      • Can be collected in your home
    • Cardio Metabolic Risk Profile in Blood Spot
      • Cardio Metabolic Risk includes disorders related to diabetes or obesity, including insulin resistance
      • Vitamin D Testing in Blood Spot
    • Test included in Blood Spot
      • Estradiol
      • Insulin-like Growth...

Adrenal Dysfunction - Thyroid Imbalance

Adrenal dysfunction can come with many different symptoms. Fatigue, weight loss, cravings for certain foods, weak immune system, inability to deal with stress, low sexual desire, and muscle weakness are just a few of these symptoms. The adrenal glands’ job is to generate stress hormones. When stress arises in your life, these glands produce small blast of strength in the form of a hormone, such as cortisol and adrenaline. The hormones that these glands create play a major role in your body. They not only effect how you wake up in the mornings by converting your fat and proteins into energy, but may also affect cardiovascular and gastrointestinal functions. If your adrenal glands are constantly required to obtain high levels, they will eventually become impaired in their capability to respond properly. Your adrenals are crucial to your health.

Hypothyroidism is low levels of the thyroid hormone. Symptoms of hypothyroidism can be some of the same symptoms listed above, but may also appear as headaches, slowed metabolism, dry skin or hair,...


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Fibromyalgia

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia (FM) are considered separate but related illnesses that have an effect on millions of people. While both of these are separate but related diseases, they share a familiar symptom – fighting fatigue and muscle pain. This tiredness and exhaustion causes many problems in a patient’s life. Insomnia can become a huge role in overall health, and even pain.

Research shows that individuals with CFS and FM have calculable hypothalamic or pituitary dysfunction, immune dysfunction, and often thyroid dysfunction due to multiple deficiencies that are not detected in standard blood test. Medical studies also show that nutrient deficiency and neurotransmitter abnormality have also been show to transpire with CFS and FM. Due to these conditions, an individual may not be treated properly, especially in just a short office visit. With these conditions, an intense evaluation and follow up is necessary. When the correct evaluations and individualized treatment can be put into place for the patient, the outcome will be truly be astonishing....


Sexual Health

While it may not be a problem that many women discuss, many women experience a decline in hormones that can cause issues in the bedroom. Low sexual desire is especially common leading up to the menopausal period of a woman’s life. Women peak in their sexual desire in their mid-twenties and then gradually decline until menopause and then drop significantly. Low testosterone is a major cause for this. Testosterone is vital for your libido and sexual arousal.

Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding can provide you with a topical cream made with aminophylline and testosterone. A common popular form of this is called “Scream Cream”. When this cream is applied, it is known to increase blood flow and has been reported to improve sensitivity and rates of orgasm.

Besides low testosterone, other factors can play a role in low sexual drive. These factors may include thyroid issues and problems caused by medication.

Our pharmacists and well trained staff at Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding can work with you and your doctor with any problems you may experience.



According to the Mayo Clinic, more than 200,000 cases of Vulvodynia are reported each year in the United States. Vulvodynia is a chronic pain that is unexplained in the area around the opening of the vagina. This can be a steady or sporadic pain. It can last for months or even years, then vanish all of sudden.

Symptoms of Vulvodynia:

  • Burning and rawness in the vagina area
  • Vaginal itching
  • Vulval inflammation
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Sexual dysfunction

Avoiding irritants such as tight-fitting clothing, perfumes, and dyes may help lessen the pain. Rigorous activities, such as biking and sex should be avoided. Treatment also includes oral and topical medicines, as well as physical therapy and biofeedback therapy.

Topical medicines or injections include:

  • amitriptyline
  • estradiol cream
  • topical anesthetics that contain lidocaine
  • topical gabapentin 6% cream
  • topical nitroglycerin 0.2%

Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding can work with your primary care provider for customized...



In the United States, there are approximately three million reported cases of Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is an illness in which bones become weak and brittle. Back pain is associated with this illness as reduced mass make bones frail. Many people have no symptoms until they have a bone fracture. Symptoms may include pain in the back, ribs, and abdomen. Loss of height is increased with osteoporosis, as well as a humped back, known as “Dowager’s Hump.” Unfortunately osteoporosis cannot be cured, but treatment can help make the pain more bearable, also preventing bone loss and strengthening already weak bones.

Treatment includes:

  • Medicines
  • Healthy diet
  • weight-bearing exercise
  • Nutritional supplements
    • Calcium supplements, as well as other vitamins and mineral, are very important to the bone structure and reconstruction.
  • Stop smoking and excessive alcohol
  • hormone replacement therapy

The risk factors for osteoporosis may include low body weight (less than 127 lbs.), low intake of calcium, smoking,...


Women's Healthy Skin

A commitment to regular skin regimen is important for healthy skin. Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding can help you with skincare solutions that you need for your skin type. We offer moisturizers, facial masques, exfoliates, anti-aging creams, cleansers, and more. We can customize products to your skin type, as everyone’s skin type is unique.

If you need help determining your skin type, we have provided a guide for you to know your skin type.

Normal Skin

Not dry or oily, few blemishes, small pores, smooth

Dry Skin

Not smooth, flaky patches, dryness, easily irritated, small pores and few blemishes


Appears greasy and shiny, large pores, prone to blemishes


Large pores, persistent blemishes and/or acne


Wrinkles, lines, crow’s feet, age spots

At Key Pharmacy and Compounding, we understand many skin conditions and can help with the resolution. Whether it is for medicinal purposes such as having eczema or...


Postpartum Care

Postpartum care for MOM

Your newborn baby may be your first priority after becoming a mother, but making sure mom gets taken care of, too, is essential. Having a baby can take a toll on a mother. Whether it is with stretch marks, breast feeding, tearing, hemorrhoids, and other complications, Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding can help make things a bit more bearable for mom.

Stretch marks are a big physical change seen in women during and after pregnancy. Unfortunately, they can leave women feeling insecure about their body. We can make a topical solution with retinoic acid. This application has been proven to improve the appearance of skin for pregnancy-related stretch marks. This therapy however, cannot be taken until after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is definitely a sacrifice that a mother makes for her child. Two complications that may arise are dry and cracked nipples, as well as milk letdown.

  • For dry and cracked nipples, we have the “All Purpose Nipple Ointment” that was developed by pediatrician, Jack Newman, MD. Ointments are...