Adrenal Dysfunction - Thyroid Imbalance

Adrenal dysfunction can come with many different symptoms. Fatigue, weight loss, cravings for certain foods, weak immune system, inability to deal with stress, low sexual desire, and muscle weakness are just a few of these symptoms. The adrenal glands’ job is to generate stress hormones. When stress arises in your life, these glands produce small blast of strength in the form of a hormone, such as cortisol and adrenaline. The hormones that these glands create play a major role in your body. They not only effect how you wake up in the mornings by converting your fat and proteins into energy, but may also affect cardiovascular and gastrointestinal functions. If your adrenal glands are constantly required to obtain high levels, they will eventually become impaired in their capability to respond properly. Your adrenals are crucial to your health.

Hypothyroidism is low levels of the thyroid hormone. Symptoms of hypothyroidism can be some of the same symptoms listed above, but may also appear as headaches, slowed metabolism, dry skin or hair, irregular menstrual cycle, hypotension, cold and heat intolerance, constipation, infertility, achiness, memory impairment, hypoglycemia, and depression. The thyroid gland creates and regulates thyroid hormones. When the thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormones needed, your body uses energy at a slower rate than it should.

The goal of treating the symptoms above is by restoring normal blood levels of the thyroid hormone. Many patients have tried the synthetic version of thyroid hormones, such as levothyroxine and liothyronine. However, sometimes this option does not work for our patients, as they have reported that these synthetic thyroid hormones don’t make them feel well. We have established that a Natural Thyroid Hormone is the only form that may work effectively for some of our patients. Many of these natural hormones, which are available in certain form and strength, are only accessible through compounded pharmacies. Some patients cannot endure the commercialized tablets that include fillers and synthetic substances. With compounding at our lab Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding, we have the ability to take away any inactive ingredients in these tablets that could be causing problems. We also have the capability to substitute non-reactive fillers to make sure our patients get the best medicine without any adverse reactions. Our skilled staff can also blend certain thyroid hormone powders needed into specific ratio by prescription. When it comes to your thyroid hormone treatment, Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding can help.