In the United States, there are approximately three million reported cases of Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is an illness in which bones become weak and brittle. Back pain is associated with this illness as reduced mass make bones frail. Many people have no symptoms until they have a bone fracture. Symptoms may include pain in the back, ribs, and abdomen. Loss of height is increased with osteoporosis, as well as a humped back, known as “Dowager’s Hump.” Unfortunately osteoporosis cannot be cured, but treatment can help make the pain more bearable, also preventing bone loss and strengthening already weak bones.

Treatment includes:

  • Medicines
  • Healthy diet
  • weight-bearing exercise
  • Nutritional supplements
    • Calcium supplements, as well as other vitamins and mineral, are very important to the bone structure and reconstruction.
  • Stop smoking and excessive alcohol
  • hormone replacement therapy

The risk factors for osteoporosis may include low body weight (less than 127 lbs.), low intake of calcium, smoking, excessive alcohol, hormonal disorders, use of certain cancer treatments, and other diseases such as intestinal disorders and chronic liver disease. If your family has a history of osteoporosis, you could also be at risk.

Testing and Diagnostics are required to see if you have osteoporosis. A bone density test may help you prevent osteoporosis. A test can measure your bone mineral density and spot osteoporosis before a fracture ever occurs, as well as foresee your chances of a future fracture. It will also determine your rate of bone loss and monitor the outcome of your treatment. You may start this test in your 30’s and then every one to three years, to make sure you get an early detection of osteoporosis. Your health care provider can help you with your test results and together we can come up with a plan of action for your bone health condition.

One of the treatments available is hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding can customize this treatment specifically for osteoporosis patients. The loss of bone density can also be caused by decreased hormones in your body. Replacing the loss of these hormones can be the KEY to increasing bone density, which would also help lower the risk of fractures. Testosterone and estrogen, followed by progesterone, may be used to improve your bone density and condition. Thyroid hormone is necessary for normal bone reconstruction. Our staff can make sure through testing that you do not have a thyroid imbalance. Low thyroid hormone can be a problem, but too much thyroid hormone can also be one of the causes for your bone condition. Our pharmacists and staff at Key Health Pharmacy and Compounding are more than willing to sit down and consult you on these treatments.